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Aimbot: The Most Influential Gaming Hack for First Person Shooter Games

Most of the websites report that aimbot is one of the most used hacks in the entire gaming community. There are lots of good reasons for this to be happening. By making use of the aimbots, you can go for headshots even with your eyes closed. Therefore, you inflict maximum damage and decimate your enemies completely. You can literally fire into your enemy’s head from miles away by making use of this hack. There are lots of settings that comes along with these bots which you can modify to suit your needs.

Getting to the top

You can literally change the spot you are aiming for by making use of this hack. There are areas of head, chest as well as stomach which you can target. This hack has the ability to literally slingshot you to the top of the leaderboard in no time. The hacks from anonymouscheats are being used widely by players to get maximum points and rankings. The fact that these hacks have been designed very cleverly and are expertly concealed in the game, makes things really easy for you.

ESP based wall hacks

By making use of the wallhack, you will be able to see the position of the enemy through the walls as well as during all other times too. This feature provides you with a real upper hand over the others. With use of these hacks, you will be able to see different things associated with the enemy. For example, the amount of health left in the enemy as well as the distance he is in from you. There are other advanced cheat features that you can also see, which varies with each game. Different objects as well as weapons can also be seen by making use of this hack.

Trigger bot

The triggerbot feature is one of the most loved hacks according to different gamers. These bots initiate automatic firing when the enemy is close enough. You can choose a particular radius as a critical point which needs to be breached by the enemy before automatic firing begins. In order to get maximum stealth, lower sizes of FOV are recommended to players.